Dramatic work - theatre plays


The correctness of the making of a porn film leads to a plot that not even those responsible for their own destinies can unravel. An absurd theatrical comedy.

Improvised staged reading


In the swarm

How to win the title of society of the year and write your name in golden letters in the history of the village. An absurd comedy with detective elements.

Improvised staged reading


A Great Party

a comedy about rebellion, the end of the world and relationships, or how to save the world from ecological catastrophe. Improvised stage reading.

Premiere 2020, 60 minutes


comedy from the future, social research anticipates most people will be single in the future. Improvised stage reading.

Premiere 2019, 60 minutes


an absurd comedy set in a ZOO about craving for money, power and superficial sex.

Cast: Zdravee, Markéta el Bakri, Pupík (Michal Krupík), František Baláš, Petra Přikrylová, Julie Bartoňková / Magda Štěpánková, Jiří Vymětal Jr, Marie Mikulicová
Directed by: Marek Baroš, Zdravee

Premiere 2020, 120 minutes

Welcome to Heaven

comedy, dialog with God. Improvised stage reading.

Premiere 2019, 60 minutes


a classic drama set in the theatre, the stage acting as an altar for sacrifices to the artistic spirit in us.

Premiere 2013, 120 minutes

The Message

manipulation, improvisation, frequency, or sending the message about life on Earth.

Cast: Zdravee, Markéta el Bakri, Petr Peca Král, Marek Baroš
Directed by: Marek Baroš

Premiere 2016, 30 minutes

Visiting Room - Visions

comedy set in a visiting room in a lunatic asylum.

Cast: Marek Baroš, Tereza Barošová, Michal Pešl
Directed by: Marek Baroš

Premiere 2013, 45 minutes

Visiting Room

a drama set in a prison visiting room concerned with the question of euthanasia. Seeking revenge, understanding and a new life.

Cast: Zdravee, Markéta el Bakri
Directed by: Marek Baroš
Film version created in 2014 - directed by: Peter Lezo

Premiere 2013, 45 minutes

The Chair

a drama about drug addiction. All the things parents are prepared to sacrifice for their child.

Cast: Tereza Barošová, Zdravee, Ivo Machalík
Directed by: Marek Baroš

Premiere 2012, 40 minutes

Tower for the bath

An improvisational reading of theatrical comedy. A play about advertising, manipulation, love and expulsion from paradise.