Literature and poetry

The Forest

post apocalyptic novel 2015-2020

Prostor 2021

Fairy Tales from the Dump

poetic children story 2008

Published by Host 2020-21
Ilustrated by Ester Nemjó

Nightingales Which Cannot Sing

Lyrical short story 2012 - 2024

The Christmas Tale

poetic fairy tale / published 2002

Illustrated by Radek Bryol

A Snowflake

novel 1997-1999

An Ad for Nothing

visionary novel 2001 - 2002

A Guide to Heaven

visionary fantasy novel 2007 - 2008

Eager Work for Henry

poetry collection 2018

The Only Thing

autobiographical novel 2010 (unfinished)

Thousand Words

spiritual ballad about evil 2015


fairy tale for teenagers 2015


film screenplay

Radio M - script for the series

Episode 1 Horses And Pigs ---------- play: Marek Baroš, Petra Přikrylová, František Baláš, directed by Zdravee /2021/------------ Episode 2 Mushrooms---------- starring: Marek Baroš, Petra Přikrylová, František Baláš, directed by Zdravee /2021/ -------------------- Episode 3 4dogs ---------- starring Marek Baroš, Petra Přikrylová, Franta Baláš, directed by Zdravee /2021/ ----------- Episode 4 Lucie Redlová and Juhyň --- Starring: M Baroš, Petra Přikrylová, F Baláš, Zdravee, Markéta El Bakri /2021/

Radio M broadcasts on secret waves and its operators dislike listeners to the point that the moment the presenters find out that someone is listening, they change the frequency. Although there's really no reason why. On the radio, politeness is the rule, political satire and jokes are forbidden, as are issues that move society. But the presenters don't always do a very good job. Despite all the difficulties, they still try to broadcast only good energy. And the characters are really quirky. The radio director is of alien origin, one of the presenters steals dogs, another changes disguises, but maybe that's better than being an unlucky vampire in love. Each episode of Radio M features a musical group that non-existent listeners may not have known existed until now.

Christmas card ( Christmas Carol ) 12/21

Music: Zdravee, Franta Baláš Text: Marek Baroš